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Collection: Active Walk

Soften Every Step!

Active Walk collection by Bata Comfit has shock absorb points to soften your every step. It provides 45% less foot stress when walking, so each step is a breeze!

Each pair features shock absorb points for softer steps, tri-zone insole for instant comfort, and anti-slip outsole for greater stability.
Looking for the best walking shoes in the market? The new Bata Active Walk collection is the most comfortable walking shoes from Bata. It delivers on Stability & Shock Absorption, ones of consumers’ top comfort attributes when choosing/buying new shoes. Active Walk facilitates foot functions and enables longer walk, overall helping releasing foot pressure by 45%. The shock absorb points of the outsole play the role of cushions at the foot pressure points. They absorb the impact of the ground defects and soften your steps making it pleasant to walk all day.


  1. SHOCK ABSORB POINTS - Absorb ground’s defects - For softer steps
  2. TRI-ZONE INSOLE - Enhances the feeling of cushioning - For instant comfort
  3. ANTI-SLIP OUTSOLE - Provides grip - For greater stability

Active Walk Collection by Bata Soften your steps with Active Walk Collection by Bata GET 45% LESS FOOT STRESS WHEN WALKING

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